Affairs With Married Women – Not A New Idea But Does That Mean They Are A Good Idea?

Do you wonder what your ex girlfriend is thinking and why she has turned so sour towards you? What do you need to do to make her at least think about getting back together? Why won’t she even seriously consider it? You have tried all the normal things like talking with her, agreeing with her and promising to change but still she acts like she doesn’t care about you at all. What happened to her and what can you do to get back in her good graces again? Why won’t she even think about it?

The unfortunate ugly truth is this: When you’re a man served with Family Court papers, your soon to be ex is not “your best friend” nor does she need to be rescued from her perspective. If you don’t understand that and you try to “rescue” her, you could find yourself facing a restraining order.

This is called the, “I think you are hot” phase. If you are in a public place, like a club or a cafe, and a cuddle buddy eye contact with you more than once, that’s a very good sign. If she only looks at you once, she is probably only taking in her surroundings, and not looking to meet anybody. If, however, she makes eye contact with you at least three times, and smiles, you have been given the green light to approach. If she adjusts her position to where she can see you, and touches her hair, get a move on boy, she’s waiting for you!

Once you’ve been talking to a woman for a few minutes, or perhaps even ten or twenty minutes, and you’ve hit it off, then suggest a date, such as meeting for a drink, going to an art exhibition, or going for coffee. Set up the time and date of the date during the conversation and exchange phone numbers.

I can’t tell you how many times I have read, been at a party/public event, or hair salon without hearing how a famous and rich black man got involved with a white woman. I hear the hatred and resentment oozing from black women’s mouths, like beasts from the underground. Whether a man wants a woman for who she is or because of the fact that she is white, it is time for sistas to let their resentment go.

Be a sexy dresser. Make sure that your clothes highlight your best features, hug your body in the right places, complement your skin tone and let a man’s imagination run wild. Get a haircut to match this look of yours and you are set.

Michael Blackson has been called one of the most original stand-up comics in the country, and his performances leave audiences laughing in tears. Also known as ‘The African King of Comedy’, he has been entertaining audiences all across the country and around the globe for more than a decade. Inspired by the stand up comedy of Eddie Murphy, Blackson began to develop his comedic talent in 1992 in the unkind comedy clubs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Affairs With Married Women – Not A New Idea But Does That Mean They Are A Good Idea?

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