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Three ways of in-text citation exist. These are quoting, paraphrasing and summarising. A quotation is where you use exactly the same words as another person. When you do this you should provide a page number, e.g. Thompson (1999:87) declared that “practice makes perfect”. You must then include the full reference in the list of references at the end of your text.

Branding is really and exercise in finding like minded people to follow you. So what you think, your perspective is what they want to know and will trust.

Do not assume that the first draft that you write will eventually be the final one. Make it a habit to write at least two to three drafts. This will help you encounter mistakes and will also help you speed up while writing.

Writing is never being an easy task. Not matter what type of writing you are doing, whether its story writing or technical writing, amusement writing or academic writing. It requires concentration, clarity and time. academic writing is a way too difficult cause at that level you are simply not ready to spend your time at home doing your homework. There are lots of interesting businesses going out there so why spend your time at house? Rite!

After that, you need to write an outline, because a custom research paper should have one. Organize your ideas and gathered information there. It would be the foundation of your future research paper. Write down the main ideas firstly, then divide them into more specific ones, and below that you can write certain facts. Don’t forget to divide everything into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part should have some paragraphs.

Never fragmented sentences. Left dangling, one should never use a particle. Ending a sentence with a preposition could be fine or could be bad, depending on who one talks to. When making comparatives, it is considered commoner to use the “-er” suffix on comparatives with originally monosyllabic words and to use “more” before more long words. What is more worser, is when you combine the “more” and the “-er” comparatives together!

Try to ensure your dissertation flows well. Are your points well made and do your arguments make sense? Points should naturally flow; one into the other so that the reader can follow the thread and theme of the dissertation.

You don’t need to make everyone’s life around you crazy just because you’re in the middle of midterms. Yell at your pillow if you have to, but stay away from yelling at your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, best friend, boss, etc. We’ve all been there: super stressed out, can’t take one more thing going wrong… but believe me, save all of your relationships and just go hibernate in your room. They’ll understand if you need to go “study” because it’s midterms, but they’re a lot less tolerant of your freak outs because it’s midterms.

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