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What makes a successful entrepreneur? What is it that some people have about them in order for you to want to follow them? Would you want to follow in the footsteps, of say, Richard Branson? What is it about Richard Branson and his brand Virgin that people always seem to say good things about? It all comes down to why Richard does the things he does and as a result he is able to inspire people. How do you inspire people, promote your Ideas Working From Home?

Your values dictate your mindset. So if you’ve grown up in a poor family and your parents and other members of your family have always held on to the belief that government should take care of them… but you feel that there’s a way out on your own and that a person can take their fate into their own hands, then your values and mindset may be conflicting, causing you not to set goals that are challenging enough.

People do not follow who they like regardless of what some people say. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, explains that men follow who they respect, and that respect is a, “…recognition of inspiration, purpose and competence.” He also notes that courage is often an important factor, and that people who merely want to be liked, will not make it. That is coming from a man who started a movement of millions.

Listening Skills: Think of your last presentation to one of your prospects and ask yourself this question. Was I focused on listening to what this person had to say or was I focusing on how I would respond to what this person was saying? Be honest when you answer this question. When you generate a list of prospects with attraction marketing, there will be a point where you make a telephone call. Listening skills are extremely critical in this business. A great deal of focus is often placed on the presentation and not enough is placed on listening. You will gain a lot by listening to what others have to say. You will learn their concerns, fears, goals and desires. The shear act of listening to your prospect or even your customer will demonstrate respect. It also is a reflection of your integrity.

Squidoo, YouTube, articles, and blogs are just a few tools of the trade that can help you with generating leads, attracting customers, and sharing information. While these are important and useful tools, the most critical part of your business is you! An important element of your success lies within your Leadership abilities. Let’s examine some of the critical Proteus Leadership qualities and skills needed for this new way of building your business.

This may seem like a no-brainer… but when is the last time you did it? Rehearse sales. Rehearse closure. Have a sales consultant travel with your road reps or spend time in-store watching and coaching in real time.

In summary, Building your network marketing business is an exciting endeavor. Technology has provided us with new tools that have the potential to grow your team. Leadership still remains a critical part of this process. Be sure not to loose sight of this as you take advantage of what the internet has to offer.

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Leadership Coaches – Customer Service With Impact And Anticipation

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