Tv Worth Watching Thursday June 23

The 1963 film, directed by Roger Corman, stars Ray Milland, Diana Van der Vlis, Harold J. Stone, John Hoyt, and Don Rickles. The movie is based on the screenplay written by Robert Dillon and Ray Russell.

CSI (CBS, 9pm) – NEW! Serial killer Nate Haskell kidnaps Ray’s ex-wife and leaves a message written in blood for Ray. Guest starring Bill Irwin and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Nikita (CW, 9pm) – NEW! Nikita kidnaps a CIA cryptographer capable of decrypting the black boxes in order to protect him. Meanwhile, Percy goes after Alex.

Let’s say you’re a spouse who desires to go out with your husband tonight. Look and feel at his experience, the way he carries himself and his over-all physical appearance. Does he look and feel haggard? Has he brought property a suitcase stuffed with paperwork? Judging by the clues presented to you, you can by now deduce how your partner is heading to react to your programs.

KGMB has all new episodes of their winning lineup – The Big Bang Theory, #My Dad Says, CSI, and The Mentalist. The CSI crew discover a body that suggests the victim was executed in an electric chair. In The Stage comedian, the team works on a double homicide and Jane has to compete with a criminal profiler.

When it comes to the other networks, Fox received solid numbers thanks to baseball while NBC’s lineup of comedies plus “The Apprentice” struggled yet again. The real surprise of the week was that “Grey’s” was actually beat out by 100,000 viewers to “S$#% My Dad Says,” which has been largely panned by critics despite just grabbing a full-season order.

Maybe once we get through our holiday hangover, television life will get back on track. After all, what used to be new season excitement has been moved to mid-season with new offerings from the likes of “24”, “Lost” and the Obama family favorite “American Idol” showing up after the new year.

This show is great in that instead of wondering whether or not someone will fall in love with another character, viewers wonder if Jane really is that smart or if he does have psychic powers. Is Patrick Jane Sherlock Holmes or is he Miss Cleo? Why can’t he be both? Fans of his show may never know as his powers of observation are all we have to go with. There’s not any instant flashes we see in his head nor are there any dead spirits he talks to in order to help solve cases. Throw in a madman named Red John and you have the makings of a Holmes-Moriarty showdown over Reichenbach Falls. Except this story may well end on the “Hollywood” sign or some other California landmark if The Mentalist has its way.

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Tv Worth Watching Thursday June 23

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