What To Ask When Looking At Potential Homes

Do you know what your potential home buyer is looking for? Can you look at your home objectively to see what the buyer sees? Probably not. When you get ready to put your house on the market here are a few tips for a quick sale that will also maximize your profits.

PLUMBING: Make sure there are no leaks or water pressure problems. A smart buyer will order a professional inspector anyway, so it is smart to correct these before they are discovered.

You will want to fix anything and everything you can before you pay a professional to look at your home. This will save you if he spends less time finding things wrong with the house. If you’ve fixed all those nagging little things like holes in the plaster and peeling corners of wall paper, he will not have to bother writing it down and adding to your bill.

Many disclosures are required by law. The buyer and seller will have to sign plenty of disclosures, such as the property disclosure, lead based paint disclosure, RESPA disclosure, disclosure of brokersage relationship and many other disclosures. Make sure you understand what you are signing before you sign it.

Hire a real estate attorney, even if you are selling your home on your own. By hiring a legal professional to look over your contracts, you are saving yourself many potentially costly problems in the future. A lawyer can spot flaws in your documents, allowing you to rectify them before it’s too late.

Pricing is everything. Make sure the home you want to buy is priced right. Check the prices of other homes in the area before you decide. There are different pricing websites you can look at that will give you an idea of what you should be paying for a home.

By asking these questions before hiring an inspector, a home buyer would have an easier time choosing which inspector is the right man or woman for the job.

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What To Ask When Looking At Potential Homes

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